Bitiya:NGO of Single Daughter Families

The purpose of this club is to provide a forum for parents with one and only daughter and likeminded people to create awareness in the society to eschew gender bias in all aspects of life.

There are myths connected with son preference in society. These myths need to be exploded at all planes by adopting a multi pronged strategy.

It would be too long a narrative to dwell on the History and factors which have led to son preference but suffice to mention that its origins are shrouded in distant past. Multiplicities of factors have contributed to this phenomenon which includes economic, mythological, social, traditional and above all sheer greed! The myth that son will continue the family tree and it is incumbent that last rites of a person be performed by son to attain salvation cannot be reconciled with the fact that today in space age we find girls breaking into male bastions and prove themselves to be excelling in all spheres be it in realm of economic, scientific, technological or defence services. The reality is flying straight in the face of traditional values.

Under the influence of antiquated value structure often the parents of only daughters are referred as pitiable. WE want to proclaim loud and clear that we repudiate this misplaced sense of pity. On the contrary, we are proud and enlightened parents of single daughter .In fact we consider ourselves harbingers of a social revolution which believes in equality of sexes. Though law of land has guaranteed equality but we want to change THE MINDSET.

This is conceived as platform for the parent’s of Single girl child where we interact with each other and provide mutual support structure after exchange of views and work out detailed programmes together.

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